Subscription form

Natural persons:

A copy of a valid identity document (passport, driving licence or identity card) of the unitholder.

Legal entities:

A recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce’s trade register, a copy of a valid identity document (passport, driving license or identity card) of the (authorised) representative of the legal entity.

  • Please send the subscription form and the annexes to:
    Bolder Fund Services (Netherlands) B.V.
    Smallepad 30F
    3811 MG Amersfoort

The completed subscription form and its annexes should be received 10 working days before the day of issuance of shares, the investment sum should be received 5 working days before the day of issuance of shares.

Transfer of the investment sum

The subscription amount needs to be transferred from the bank account number previously filled in on the form. When transferring the amount please use the following details:

Bank account number: NL25 ISAE 0000 0050 848
In the name of: Monolith N.V.
Bank: CASEIS Bank S.A., Netherlands Branch


Monolith N.V. focuses on investors who are attracted by our investment style and believe in our approach of 'entrepreneurial' investing. Preferably they, like us, have experienced the value of this approach in practice. Our investors come from a wide range of backgrounds and include professional investors, such as insurance companies and family offices, but also (ex-) entrepreneurs. Monolith is dedicated to its clients and seeks to build long-term relationships. Monolith is particularly suitable for investors:

  • Who have significant experience in investing
  • Who are prepared to run the risk that their investment loses (substantial) value and who can bear such loss
  • Who accept the limited liquidity of this investment
  • Who can accept that the developments in the value of the investment can be accompanied by volatile movements
  • Who intend to invest in the fund for the long term and at least for a period of 3 to 5 years
  • For whom investing in the fund is only a limited percentage of their total investment and for whom investment in the fund is a building block for the investment of their total capital